biennale di venezia

I attended the 2012 Biennale di Venezia, which turned out to be disappointing on my end because I could not understand everything I saw. As I write this post three years later, I am beginning to think back and make sense of certain exhibitions. Sometimes, one or two will even pop up in architecture magazines.

Biennale aside, Venice is a very beautiful place if you avoid the major tourist routes. Just keep walking and taking ferries until you find a nice, quiet bridge or sliver of land.


On a side note, a local Venetian artist created a pigeon food dispenser that sprays the pigeons with a safe, washable dye. As a result, for the duration of the Biennale, many pigeons were brilliantly colored. It seemed the purpose of the piece was to get people to like the pigeons more. You could tell some pigeons were really dumb because they were multiple shades... Or maybe they were the smart ones... hm...