HOW TO SNEAK into the burjes

As an architecture student, I have often found myself traveling across the world to visit a building only to find it closed off to the public. There are many strategies for having house owners letting you in - usually a small gift of nut-free chocolates and some pleading will do, but commercial buildings are a different story.

How do you get into the guarded Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa? That is, how do you get in without jumping a fence or paying hundreds for a coffee reservation at their sky lobbies? I didn't go all the way to Dubai without at least seeing these wonders. After consulting my local friend, we came up with a strategy. You'll need to practice your accent and dress accordingly.

  1. Pretend to be a delivery boy for one of the ethnic restaurants (look up the name before hand).
  2. Rent or borrow a low-key van from a local.
  3. Confidence is key. Keep in mind that the driveway up the gate is one-directional, so most guards will be reluctant to send you back. 
  4. Drive up to the gate and look like you know what you are doing but forgot how to say it. When the guard asks you whether you are delivering for the restaurant, just say yes in a thick accent.
  5. Valet park that van like a boss after the 5 unnecessary lamborghinis before you.


Dubai highrises