webdav access

Instructions for connecting to https://nas.anran.li:5006/
Update: Certificates are now also configured for anranli.mit.edu. Please use that.

To Start Connection

(1) Open finder or click on the desktop and hit Cmd+K
(2) Use as location https://nas.anran.li:5006/ (local access: smb://anranli)
(3) Log in with username and password. 

On Windows
(1) Press Win+E (or go to This PC) and click "Map network drive."
(2) Use as folder address https://nas.anran.li:5006/ (local address: //anranli)
(3) Make sure to check "Connect using different credentials" before clicking finish
(4) If you are downloading large files (>50 MB), see here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2668751
(5) Log in with username and password. (use \ + username to escape from athena domain)

Having trouble? Try Cyberduck.
(1) Download, install, and open from here https://cyberduck.io/?l=en
(2) Click open connection using WebDAV with https
(3) Enter in Address: https://nas.anran.li
(4) Enter in Port: 5006
(5) Log in with username and password.

VPN access

To configure access to VPN, follow these instructions.