Question and Answer Session

Q: Can I has yo numba? Can I has yo number?!?! 
A: 650.518.6414. Please no international calls and PLEASE don't post it on craigslist.

Q: I arrived and nobody is here! / I can't get in!
A: That's technically not a question, but do check the schedule. It might be a holiday or we haven't yet begun! No? Don't hesitate to text me.

Q: How do you plan on teaching so many programs?
A: Excellent question, Watson. I'm teaching the user interface, a very specific set of commands, and some of my favorite tricks in each software (like flight simulator in Google Earth). In addition, I will provide a starter file before each class. Quick story... I never knew shaking an etch-a-sketch would reset the whole thing... I digress. Basically, I hope the workshops and my office hours will be able to set you on your way to tinkering with the programs by yourself.

Q: I'm terrible at [drawing, 3D modeling, etc].
A: Hey what a coincidence! We should do this workshop together. Really. It helps even to just sit in. Bring your class or other projects in and I'll try to help.

Q: I can't make it anytime 8-9 or 9-10 PM on Monday.
A: You're covered. I will be holding gotomeeting sessions for AEC cyberstudents. Sessions will be recorded and links provided just prior to meetings.

Q: How do I know this isn't part of some elaborate scam?
A: Don't worry. You're cookies are safe with me.