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I apologize for the lack of a video this week. I forgot to hit record! It's OK. I've compiled some Youtube videos in my place. Check these out:

How to fly a plane in Google Earth:

Grab terrain while in Sketchup:


Here are some tips to getting your Sketchup topography into Revit:

Turn off the snapshot layer (2D image) and export only the terrain (3D shape + image). You don’t need to make topo lines to export the topography. It helps to create the topo on a blank Sketchup canvas (and remove John, the default human). You don’t want to grab multiple instances of the terrain, it will confuse Revit.

Export the terrain (3D, not snapshot) as DWG and import into Revit. This part is detailed in week 2, towards the end of the video. Basically, you want to create topo (under massing and site) and then select import instance. See

You will need sketch up pro to export as DWG. If you don’t have pro, please contact me for options.