Schedule, Templates, & Videos

The following is a schedule for the workshop. You can pick and choose the days you would like to attend. I will provide a starter file at the beginning of each course to keep those who missed previous sessions up to date (and to keep the workshop within an hour). Lessons will be broadcasted on GoToMeeing at

Download this week's starter files HERE.

(27 January)
Project organization and file management (BitTorrent Sync *)
Site and mass modeling (Sketchup and Google Earth)
Go to this session (Starter files and kinda Videos)

(3 February)
Modeling the house (Revit)
Detail modeling (Sketchup or Rhino)
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(10 February)
Modeling totoro! (Rhino 3D)
Modeling dust bunny! (Rhino + Grasshopper 3D *)
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(17 February) Martin Luther King Day (holiday)

(24 February)
Basic placement of furniture (3ds Max Design)
Cloth stimulation (3ds Max Design)
Lighting and rendering setup (3ds Max Design)

(03 March)
Special 'Rendering + CAD' method (Photoshop, Illustrator *)
Create a poster and print (Photoshop, Illustrator *)
Don't worry, we end before 'dead week' begins on March 10.