This is a project done in CEE 134 with instructor Antonio Caliz. Tasked with developing a commercial studio in San Francisco, I created a scheme that featured three things: (1) a public shortcut across the corner lot  (2) a building that would blend in with the city, a kind of spin on the city beautiful movement (3) and an open floor plan that considered public access, public transportation, and interaction between workers.

TownsendSTUDIO (2012)
690 5th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

TownsendSTUDIO is a design studio for three firms in web, fashion, and architecture/advertising. An active lifestyle is encouraged in the building. There are no cubicles as we believe homework is done at home. By providing an indoor bike rack next to showers and a coffee station, workers are encouraged to explore alternative transportation to work, especially via the nearby train station.

There is an open path on the first floor to allow pedestrian access through the property. Along this walkway is a restaurant, lobby, and two public display/meeting rooms. RFID cards provide access to the rest of the building. While the various studios are divided by floors (to keep everyone sane), there is abundant open studio space. On each floor is a public studio space catering to interdisciplinary research as well as a departmental one to promote internal collaboration. Spaces are assigned to projects rather than employees. In addition, the atrium spaces and perpendicular interior curtain walls allow employees to see what other departments are doing. Workspaces on each floor with an openable perimeter encourages competitive collaboration. On the web design floor is a restaurant that caters to all employees. The same restaurant delivers food via an elevator to the first floor, where the restaurant is open to the public.

We want the building to stay humble with the architecture of San Francisco, but to offer a pleasant cleanliness to employees. The facade on the outside is vanilla concrete with exposed sections forming a grid pattern. Most of the building's curtain glass is in the interior, allowing transparency from within and indirectly from the outside.. A transparent section on the southwestern side of the building creates two open atrium spaces adjacent to a nearby building. Walkways along the atrium gives each studio a great pinup space. This pinup space is much needed given the creativity that goes on in the studio.